Work, Service and Sacrifice


Work, Service, and Sacrifice by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti (A compilation)

Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is the Dharma Guru of the era. But what we ask, is a Dharma Guru? A Dharma Guru literally means a preceptor of righteousness. We have seen and still see today all over the world many spiritual teachers. But just as we have to control the actions of our own bodies and make sure they do not cause harm to anyone, similarly it is our duty to try and control the collective body of human society so that no creation of this universe has to suffer. However, a Dharma Guru is a teacher who speaks out against exploitation and injustice, who makes His followers fight against this, and who gives a new vision, mission, and spiritual practice (yoga) to create a new humanity and a new human society.
This book is a collection of His words vibrant with His tapas (austerities) on behalf of suffering humanity. It can be summarized in the instruction He gave a disciple who visited Him in jail,

“I want you to go to the place where there is the maximum suffering. The convenience of the people there comes first, the convenience of others comes next and your convenience comes last.”

310 pp. paperback ISBN: 978-1-304-12986-4 Price: $18.00

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