Situating Sarkar

Situating Sarkar: Tantra Macrohistory & Alternative Futures by Sohail Inayatullah

 Inayatullah’s inquires into Sarkar’s works compare him to such diverse thinkers as Ssu-Ma Chien, Ibn Khaldun, Montesquieu, Aurobindo, Gandhi, and Foucault. Sarkar’s social movements are contrasted to ecological, capitalist, and local models of society and economy. Inayatullah also applies Sarkar’s theories to various problems in modern social theory: the problem of representation and governance; the issue of agency versus structure; the politics of language and the real; the tension between the local and the global; and the science/culture debate. As with Sarkar’s works themselves, Inayatullah takes a balanced approach, investigating economic, social, and transcendental discourses along with a critical interpretation of Sarkar’s vision of the future.

158 pp. paperback ISBN: 0-9585866-1-6 Price: $16.00

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