PROUT in a Nutshell (series)

PROUT in a Nutshell (series) by Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

“Knowledge is of two kinds: intellectual and intuitional. Intellectual knowledge is based on experience, hence it is embedded in relativity. It cannot therefore claim to be absolute. Intuitional knowledge is transcendental in character. It dissects and analyses everything by itself, therefore it is absolute.

The approach of PROUT is subjective approach through objective adjustment. This presupposes a connecting link between intuition and intellect. This connecting link or touching point is called “Bodhi Jiṋána”. With the help of Bodhi Jiṋána, intuitional knowledge can be utilized for solving mundane problems. Thus PROUT is a Bodhi Jiṋána.”

Volumes available on Print on Demand: Part 1 to Part 21
Pages: 70 Cover: paper Price: $8.00

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