Neo-Humanism: Principles and Cardinal Values, Sentimentality to Spirituality, Human Society

Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar’s original writings on the topic of Neo-Humanism have been compiled by Prof. Dhanjoo Ghista in the attempt to make them readily available for a greater public of intellectuals and progressive thinkers. In the Introduction Prof. Dhanjoo Ghista describes the themes of the three parts of the compilation:

A progressive society is verily the composite of those beings who are engaged in the noble task of creating a conducive environment for human progress.
This is what Part 1 is all about: what constitutes human progress, how one is to proceed in this direction and the spirit of society.

The conversion from sentimentality to spirituality constitutes the content of Part 2.

The theme of Part 3 deals with social values and human cardinal principles, balance in all the strata of human existence, the principles and application of Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT), re-organization of nations into self-sufficient or sustainable socio-economic units and their co-ordinated co-operation and merger into self-reliant zones, so as to prevent socio-economic exploitation and attain a high degree of socio-economic parity.

Then each socio-economic unit would have the ideological base of Neo-Humanism, with the motto of ‘self-realization and service to humanity’.

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