How to Prepare for the Coming Depression

How to Prepare for the Coming Depression

A Workbook for Managing Your Money and Your Life During Economic Hard Times by Mark Friedman

Use this Workbook to help you:

  • Understand why another depression is inevitable
  • Learn what the depression of the 30’s was like.
  • Look into your financial future.
  • Plan your personal investment strategy.
  • Earn a living during the depression.
  • Anticipate lifestyle changes.
  • Do the necessary inner preparation.
  • Appreciate the importance of family.
  • Prepare with your community.

“How to Prepare for the Coming Depression is a book of hope — hope in the resiliency and adaptability of human beings, and hope for our future. The reordering of priorities Mr. Friedman suggests is both beneficial and vitally necessary if we are all to survive the challenges and struggles that loom.” From the foreword by economist Dr. Ravi Batra.

184 pp. paperback ISBN: 0-945934-03-3 Price: $12.00


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