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Tantra, la Ciencia Eterna

Durante siglos, las prácticas del Tantra han permanecido cubiertas bajo el velo del misterio, del esoterismo inescrutable, de lo prohibido. Y pese a los innumerables libros y tratados que se han acuñado sobre este tema, este libro presenta por primera vez ante el público un enfoque práctico y cotidiano sobre las técnicas del camino del […] Read more

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Human Story

Using a humorous comic book format, authors McClure and Logan explore how this social cycle has appeared throughout history, how it influences our lives today, and how we can rise above it in the future. Read more

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Cure Yourself with Yoga

Cure Yourself with Yoga by Dada Hiranmayananda Avt. Cure yourself with Yoga is one of the most comprehensive and wide-ranging guide books to the ancient art of yoga. Whether the reader seeks quick, accessible guidelines for yogic treatment or more detailed discussions on yogic principles and physiology, this book offers a wealth of knowledge and […] Read more

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After Capitalism

After Capitalism – Economic Democracy in Action by Dada Maheshvarananda A grassroots movement for economic democracy based on cooperatives and local economies is quickly growing throughout the planet. After Capitalism, inspired by P.R. Sarkar’s Progressive Utilization Theory (Prout), offers a compelling vision of an equitable, sustainable model that economically empowers individuals and communities. Filled with […] Read more

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