Social Philosophy

Text that adress the theme of social development

Thoughts Cover P

The Thoughts of P. R. Sarkar

A collection of short thought-provoking excerpts from discourses by Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

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PROUT in a Nutshell (series)

The approach of PROUT is subjective approach through objective adjustment. This presupposes a connecting link between intuition and intellect.

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Work Service And Sacrifices

Work, Service and Sacrifice

Dharma Guru is a teacher who speaks out against exploitation and injustice, who makes His followers fight against this and who gives a new vision, mission and spiritual practice (yoga) to create a new humanity and a new human society. This book is a collection of His words vibrant with His tapas (austerities) on behalf of suffering humanity.

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200px Liberation Of Intellect  Neo HUmanism 01 Cover 1

Liberation of Intellect: Neo-Humanism

The book is a compilation of discourses on Neohumanism, the holistic philosophical theory elaborated by Sarkar and part of the philosophy of Ananda Marga

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Afewps Cover P

A Few Problems Solved (series)

The author's most essential social discourses, conveniently compiled in a series of parts.

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Patriot 1

To the Patriots

This discourse examines the benefits and limitations of patriotism.

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Women 1

The Awakening of Women

Throughout his life, the author was deeply concerned about the conditions of women in society. He supported the emancipation of women from the bonds of dogma and ignorance.

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Problems Of Day 1

Problems of the Day

An analysis of the main social problems of today, dedicated to Subhash Chandra Bose, revolutionary leader of Indian independence.

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One Hsoc

One Human Society

Issues of disunity and discord around the globe are usually all too clear. These discourses elaborate the many powerful elements of unity that can eventually reunite the human family.

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Neohumanism in a Nutshell Volume 2

The author details how a universal spiritual outlook can unify all of humanity, and, in contrast, how our current limitations keep millions of human and other living beings from realizing their potential.

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Nhn1 1

Neohumanism in a Nutshell Volume 1

The author describes the importance of freeing the human intellect from limitation and divisive dogma, and of curbing exploitative tendencies.

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Humansoc 1

Human Society

The author is analyzing modern society in the first part, and then delving into human history in the second part.

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Afterc 1

After Capitalism

A practical alternative to corporate capitalism is urgently needed. PROUT (Progressive Utilization Theory) offers such a vision for a more sustainable future.

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Idea 1

Idea and Ideology

Like no other book, but rather like spiritual practice itself, Idea and Ideology methodically, in a careful sequence, expands the reader's horizons and mind.

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Cc2 1

Carya Carya Part II

Part 2 gives many guidelines for conduct in a progressive society - i.e., a society of individuals moving towards the Supreme.

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Cc1 1

Carya Carya Part I

In Part 1 the author not only gives Ananda Marga it governing boards and committees, but also provides guidelines for social functions that range from welcoming the tiny infant, to celebrating the spring, to remembering the dead.

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Guide 1

A Guide to Human Conduct

Herein the author explains Yama and Niyama, traditionally-accepted cardinal principles of morality, in a modern way, and at the same time places those principles on a clear scientific basis.

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