Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Titles

  • Sadhana

    Crimson Dawn – Sadhana

    In this publication we have combined the original writings of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti on the Stages of Psycho-Spiritual Development with original articles written with the purpose to bring Sadhana in the grasp of science and analysis.

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  • Lc Cover P

    Light Comes

    A collection of pocket-book inspirational excerpts from discourses by Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar.

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  • Work Service And Sacrifices

    Work, Service and Sacrifice

    Dharma Guru is a teacher who speaks out against exploitation and injustice, who makes His followers fight against this and who gives a new vision, mission and spiritual practice (yoga) to create a new humanity and a new human society. This book is a collection of His words vibrant with His tapas (austerities) on behalf of suffering humanity.

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  • Subsam

    Subhásita Samgraha (series)

    The Subhásita Samgraha ("Collected Discourses") series assembles all the Dharma Mahácakra (DMC) discourses given by Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti. Dharma Mahácakras, large spiritual congregations addressed by Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti, were held in cities and towns all over the world.

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  • Karmayogas

    Karma Yoga

    O human being! be established in the radiance of divinity and the splendour of valour and chivalry, because yours is the the path of revolution.

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  • Mahabha 1

    Discourses on the Mahábhárata

    Mahábhárata literally means "Great India". Hence Mahábhárata became the name both for a campaign led by Krsna to unify India, and for the epic composition about that campaign. P. R. Sarkar gives a unique analysis of the historical context and of some of the key figures, including Krsna himself.

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  • Avanii 1

    Ananda Vánii Samgraha

    Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti gave special messages on the occasions of the New Year and his birthday. This book is a collection of those inspirational messages.

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  • Anvac1

    Ananda Vacanámrtam (series)

    The Ánanda Vacanámrtam ("Blissful Discourses") series assembles all the known General Darshan discourses given by Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti.

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  • Amphilo 1

    Ananda Marga Philosophy in a nutshell (series)

    The author's most essential spiritual discourses, conveniently compiled in eight parts.

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  • Aiwl8 Cover 1

    Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life (series)

    Dharma Mahácakras, large spiritual congregations addressed by Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti, were held in cities and towns all over the world. They were an important feature of Ananda Marga throughout most of Ánandamúrtijii's long life as its preceptor.

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  • Grace 1

    Baba’s Grace

    A collection of 38 devotional discourses about the spiritual seeker and the relationship with the Divine.

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  • Yogapsy 1

    Yoga Psychology

    The science of psychology, as studied and practised within the traditions of yoga and Tantra, begins with our cakras (or plexi, psycho-spiritual centers) and the various glands associated with each cakra.

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  • Namkrsna 1

    Namámi Krsna Sundaram

    The exercise of comparing one philosophy to another is a difficult intellectual task, but there are many precedents for it.

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  • Namahshi 1

    Namah Shiváya Shántáya

    Shiva the historical personality has long been lost to view, hidden under layer upon layer of myth.

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  • Idea 1

    Idea and Ideology

    Like no other book, but rather like spiritual practice itself, Idea and Ideology methodically, in a careful sequence, expands the reader's horizons and mind.

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  • Tantra2 1

    Discourses on Tantra Volume 2

    The author explains what sets Tantra apart from any other spiritual path - and discloses much about the actual practice of Tantra. [rps-paypal]

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  • 300px Discourse On Tantra 1

    Discourses on Tantra Volume 1

    Tantra emphasizes the development of human vigour, both through meditation and through confrontation of difficult external situations.

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  • Ccc3

    Carya Carya Part III

    This part contains all the dos and don'ts related to physical health that must be followed for progress in mental and spiritual sádhaná.

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  • Cc2 1

    Carya Carya Part II

    Part 2 gives many guidelines for conduct in a progressive society - i.e., a society of individuals moving towards the Supreme.

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  • Cc1 1

    Carya Carya Part I

    In Part 1 the author not only gives Ananda Marga it governing boards and committees, but also provides guidelines for social functions that range from welcoming the tiny infant, to celebrating the spring, to remembering the dead.

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  • Av910 1 Preview 195x300 1

    Ananda Vacanamrtam Parts 9 & 10, 11&12, 13&14

    Ananda Vacanamrtam Parts 9 & 10 contains the author’s GD discourses given between February and April 1979, in Kolkata and at different places in India where the author stayed in connection with an extensive tour. Most recently published parts 11&12 and 13&14 are also available.

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  • Ananda Sutram 01 Cover 1

    Ananda Sutram

    Ananda Sutram means "aphorisms leading to ananda, divine bliss." The sutra form has been valued over the centuries as a powerful tool for communicating a deep philosophy in a condensed, memorable way.

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  • Elemen 1

    Ananda Marga Elementary Philosophy

    This was the first-published of the more than 250 books of Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti, and continues to hold its place as an introduction to his entire philosophy.

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  • Guide 1

    A Guide to Human Conduct

    Herein the author explains Yama and Niyama, traditionally-accepted cardinal principles of morality, in a modern way, and at the same time places those principles on a clear scientific basis.

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