Progressive Utilization Theory

The Crisis Of Capitalism Heralds The Growth Of A New Economy Copy

Growing A New Economy – Beyond Crisis Capitalism and Environmental Destruction

Growing A New Economy presents integral solutions to our economic problems that will be vitally important in future restoration of our global ecosystems.

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PROUT in a Nutshell (series)

The approach of PROUT is subjective approach through objective adjustment. This presupposes a connecting link between intuition and intellect.

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A Few Problems Solved (series)

The author's most essential social discourses, conveniently compiled in a series of parts.

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Peconomics Cover Ps

Proutist Economics: Discourses on Economic Liberation

The author states that economics should free human beings from mundane problems so that all will have increasing opportunities for intellectual and spiritual expansion.

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Discourses On Prouts

Discourses on Prout

A summary of lectures delivered by P. R. Sarkar to the first conference of Proutists.

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The Downfall of Capitalism & Communism

This book was completely ignored when first published in 1978 by Macmillan Press in London, because at the time communism seemed invincible. No one can ignore it now as the Berlin Wall crumbles before our very eyes and America sinks deeper into a vast ocean of debt.

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Humsto 1

Human Story

Using a humorous comic book format, authors McClure and Logan explore how PROUT social cycle has appeared throughout history, how it influences our lives today, and how we can rise above it in the future.

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Howto 1

How to Prepare for the Coming Depression

A Workbook for Managing Your Money and Your Life During Economic Hard Times.

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Afterc 1

After Capitalism

A practical alternative to corporate capitalism is urgently needed. PROUT (Progressive Utilization Theory) offers such a vision for a more sustainable future.

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