Meditation is a practical tool for the development of the entire being

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Yoga Sadhana: The Spiritual Practice of Yoga

Yoga in its true sense is the unification of the unit consciousness with Supreme Consciousness; and the practices developed over millennia to achieve that unification are correctly called yoga sadhana.

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The Wisdom of Yoga

This is a short introduction to the basic elements of Ananda Marga philosophy with chapters explaining the origin of Tantra, eight-limbed yoga, the structure of the mind, reincarnation and the cosmic cycle of creation.

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Close Your Eyes & Open Your Mind

Dada has a rare quality of conveying some of the world's deepest truths in simple, clear language.

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Yoga: The Way of Tantra

7000 years ago the majestic Himalayan Mountains brought forth a great Yogi, bringing with him the knowledge necessary to build a world civilization: Arts, music, science, medicine, language, social norms and most important the psycho-spiritual practices of Tantra Yoga.

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Beyond the Superconscious Mind

Every living being is moving along life's mysterious pathway searching for a meaningful and lasting happiness. The longing for this infinite freedom has led each of us to experiment with many different lifestyles.

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