Yogic Treatments and Natural Remedies

The object of the art of healing is to cure a patient, both physically and mentally.

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The Vegetarian Lunchbasket

225 easy, nutritious recipes for the quality conscious family on the go.

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Cure Yourself with Yoga

Cure yourself with Yoga is one of the most comprehensive and wide-ranging guide books to the ancient art of yoga.

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Diet for Health & Higher Consciousness

Perhaps no other activity has such a pervasive impact on our personal well-being and the well-being of the Earth as the act of eating.

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Yoga for Health

An introduction to the practice of yoga postures (asanas) and the science behind it. Learn an ancient and time– tested system of preventive medicine.

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Food for Thought

This is an excellent resource for beginning and established vegetarians. It covers all the reasons why a vegetarian diet is the most suitable for human beings and shows where to find the nutrients that compose a balanced, healthy vegetarian diet.

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